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21st Century K9 Client Testimonials

Mike Beckett: "The Innovator not the Imitator"

Unleash your Dog's Potential with professional dog trainer Mike Beckett.I learned more in one hour with Mike Beckett than I learned in 20 years of owning dogs.
-Scott Gowan

Mike has shown me how to be the confident dog owner that my dog deserves and needs. His techniques have allowed me to transform my dog from the problem child to a model citizen! I get compliments everywhere i go about how calm and well behaved he is. It is very cool when I can take what I have learned from Mike and apply is to other people's dogs as well. Thank you Mike for everything you've given me! I will continue to come out to your classes for as long as I can! You're the best!
-Chris Laliberte

Mike Beckett is one of the most amazing people I have met in my life. Not only are his training methods for dogs the most effective I have ever seen, but his training of people far surpasses that taught elsewhere. I find Mike's training classes to be very empowering. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today in my personal life if it were not for Mike's training. And as for my dog, I receive so many compliments from people when I am out in public as to how well behaved she is. Veterinarians also repeatedly tell me what great shape she is in and how incredibly stable and calm she is to work with. Thank you, Mike, for everything you have given us and I hope you continue to teach for a very long time. Dogs and their owners need you.
-Linda Nitz

I am where I am because of what I learned through Mike Beckett, not only my dogs but because what I have learned about myself!! There is no doubt that Mike IS the best of the best!!! No one can do what he does, and no one is more humble about it either. Thank you Mike.
-Julie Teti

Thank you Mike for your ability to teach and reform dogs and people. It is true that training at 21st Century K9 with Mike Beckett really does change, for the better, many areas of your life not just getting a stable and trained dog. Thanks for your friendship, your humbleness, never giving up on me and for always answering my quirky emails (lol). You're the best Mike!
-Valerie D'Ambrosio

Dogs of the Future for the Future. 21st Century K9 is a Responsible and Reputable Breeder of the Dutch Shepherd Dog, the German Shepherds Dog and Belgain Malinois Dogs.

21st Century K9 offers Level 1 six week Basic Obedience Classes, Level 2 Advanced Classes , Level 3 - Mantracking/Scent Work Classes, Private Training on and off site, Gun Dog Training - Hunter Retriever and Personal Protection Training.

Serving the communities of Windsor, Ontario, Lasalle, Amherstburg, McGregor, Maidstone, Essex, Harrow, Colchester, Kingsville, Cottam, Leamington, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Puce, Belle River, Woodslee - all areas of Essex County, Kent County and the greater Detroit area.
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