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Your Urban Carnivore!

Raw Food Diet for your DogThe food of any species is defined by what it consumes in nature. Your dog is a carnivore. It's nutritional needs should be based on foods appropriate for a carnivore. In the wild, carnivores eat entire carcasses that consist of mainly raw meat, fat and bones. Raw meat is composed of unaltered essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein that is necessary for the growth and development of all body components. Your dog's tissue, bones and nerves are mostly made up of proteins.

A diet consisting of meat only, is unnatural and nutritionally unbalanced. Along with meat, your dog requires bones as a balanced source of minerals to maintain true health. The most abundant mineral in bones is calcium. Additionally, the tissues within bones are composed of collagen fibers, living cells and vital blood-forming nutrients such as iron. Bones also contain fat in the marrow, along with fat-soluble vitamins. Fats aid in the formation of hormones, regulation of temperature and normal functioning of the nervous system. The fats in meat and bones provide your dog with the energy it needs for good health and activity level, plus essential fatty acids are important to the skin, coat and immune system.

Domestic and wild carnivores have little evolved need for carbohydrates. They are not designed to eat plant matter unless it has been suitably prepared by humans or Mother Nature. Wild carnivores occasionally forage for ripened fruits, particularly berries, and eat varying amounts of stomach content depending on their prey. Already broken down by the animal's digestive juices, the nutrients from plant material are more readily utilized by the carnivore's digestive system.

Wild carnivores eat virtually everything within the prey animal. Domestic dogs should be fed in the same manner. Animal organs and glands are rich sources of protein that also provide essential fats, hormones, minerals and vitamins. Blood is important for the health too. It is full of living cells. Blood is alive! From muscle to bone, cartilage to blood vessels, internal organs and other healthy visceral tissue, whole animals provide intrinsic nutrients that are commonly missing from the diets of domestic dogs. A man-made formula or recipe that mimics Mother Nature's diet cannot re-create the nutritional synergy that whole animals provide. The foundation of the Urban Carnivore Feeding for Health program consists of Whole Animals that offer truly unequaled nutrition for the carnivore.

Dogs of the Future for the Future. 21st Century K9 is a Responsible and Reputable Breeder of the Dutch Shepherd Dog.

21st Century K9 offers Level 1 six week Basic Obedience Classes, Level 2 Advanced Classes , Level 3 - Mantracking/Scent Work Classes, Private Training on and off site, Gun Dog Training - Hunter Retriever and Personal Protection Training.

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