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21st Century K9 provides a wide range of training classes with
Professional Dog Trainer Mike Beckett aka The 21st Century Dogman.

Unleash your Dog's Potential with professional dog trainer Mike Beckett.Dog training is essential to ensure a happy and healthy relationship between a dog and its owner.

Mike Beckett is widely known as The 21st Century Dogman. He has been Professionally Training working dogs and family companion dogs for over 16 years. Mike Beckett's extraordinary communication with dogs began when he was a young child. His Lifetime of Experiences with Dogs offers canine owners the rare opportunity to gain a deep understanding of why their dogs act and react in real life situations. You will learn how to build a solid relationship with your dog through effective communication, based on mutual respect. The 21st Century Dogman's techniques require the dog to listen to the handler, regardless of distractions. This gives the handler the confidence to take his dog anywhere and know the dog is going to obey his commands in all situations.

"A dog is not 'almost human', and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such." - John Holmes

Train your dog with Professional Dog Trainer and K9 Specialist Mike Beckett.

21st Century K9 trains all dogs, all breeds, puppies to adult dogs using modified methods of the Working Service Style of training for the family companion dog. Mike Beckett specializes in solving behavorial issues, such as aggression, fear, territorial and socialization problems, using his instinctive knowledge of the dog. When The 21st Century Dogman's proven and practical training methods are applied, the result is a well balanced, stable, confident, obedient and happy dog.

The Town of Amhersturg has a solid relationship with Mike Beckett and his staff at 21st Century K9. Mike was the Animal Control Officer for the Town of Amherstburg for a decade. He was awarded the tender for the Town's Dog Catcher for the second time in 2011. The determining factor in the decision making process was the quality of 21st Century K9's past services for the Town.

21st Century K9 Staff

The staff at 21st Century K9 are all experienced dog handlers, including civil security and law enforcement members of the staff.

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